Concert Magic

My name is Rob, and I'm a muggle.

But, you see, the thing is, I work with witches and wizards. I don't necessarily want to believe in magic, but occasionally I don't have any other choice.

Music is a powerful conduit. It can channel every conceivable emotion, whether you want it to or not. Sometimes it will convince you to shake your booty. Sometimes it'll make your spine tingle, and other times it can make you ugly cry.

Live music - done right - only serves to strengthen the spell. 

If you're tuned in, it's a real, palpable thing. It makes your hair stand on end. It permeates everyone and everything - a thick cloud that obscures the line between sensing the world and feeling it.

And, if you let it, the incantation will completely take control and transport you to the most mesmerizing of places - a place where all of your senses are muddled, yet intensified.  In this place, you can feel sound.

This place. This magnificent place. This is where I go every weekend.

Its population is ever-changing with its inhabitants drifting in and out. I navigate this world searching for the people there. I find myself as some crude translator of these two realities, trying to hold some semblance of balance as I the tread the borders.

My task is finding moments where they are altogether lost in performance. 

When I do, it's unmistakably magical.