how do I find you?


If you want to call me, dial this number - 256-333-0865. 

If you want to email me, use this address -

If you want to see what I shoot for fun and some awesome photography related content, check out my Facebook page.

If you want anything else, just use one of the above options to ask!

Why should I hire you to take my photos?

You should hire me because I'm the most laid-back, easy to work with, jokester you've ever met. My photos aren't half-bad either.


How much would it cost... ?

Some of my pricing is real easy.

If you want me to shoot a house for an MLS listing, it's gonna cost somewhere between $125 and $450.

Some of my pricing is not so easy.

I'm going to do photographers a great service here, and enlighten the general public about the barrage of questions thrown at them when they ask how much a photograph costs.

Asking how much it costs to take a picture of a thing is akin to asking us how long a rope is. 

Let me elaborate. 

Say you own a company that makes guitars and you want a photo of the new model about to be released. I could take a photo of just the guitar against a neutral background for an hour or two of my time. This would be the most economical. We could also hire a model and find a suitable location for an afternoon photo shoot. Of course, this would cost a little bit more. If that won't do, we could rent an absurd amount of lighting, book the Sydney Opera House, and hire Eric Clapton to play it over the course of a few days while we find what works best. This might be a crazy amount of overkill, or it might be precisely what you're looking for.

When I'm asked for a quote, the first thing I'm going to ask is what you want me to photograph. The second question will be "What's the budget look like?" This isn't so I can gouge as much money out of you as I can. This is to get a grasp on what the project is going to entail, how much time it will command, and if I'm the right person for the job. After we're on the same page, and get a sense of scale for the project we can move on to what's being looked for stylistically and so forth.

With all that said, I do my best to work within every constraint I come across. Whether you need some glorified snapshots for social media, a head-shot for your business card, complete coverage for your new marketing materials, or that one striking image for a billboard, chances are I can accommodate your needs.

Why can't I shoot real estate photos myself?

The short answer is that you can, but you don't want to. For a more in depth discussion click here.