Wait, what?

My name is Rob, and I can't even.

I don't even know where to start. 

How did I get here? Looking back, it all seems so hazy, all these veins weaving back and forth, crossing over one another.

I do remember the first show I snuck my camera into. It was MuteMath in Birmingham way back in 2012. I don't know if that's when I contracted this condition, but it was definitely the first time I was exposed.

I recall shooting and writing about the Brother Cane show I was lucky enough to shoot.

somewhere in the previous 3 years I've worked shows of my favorite bands for free, and I've worked some for peanuts.

It was a legitimate hobby, but I had no illusions of grandeur. Pursuing anything resembling a career as a concert photographer wasn't in the cards. It just wasn't. No body makes any money doing that anymore. People are lined up around the block ready to hand over photos for free.

However, I do remember this. 2 years 6 months and 26 days ago, I was introduced to the Black Jacket Symphony

Seeing this particular organization behind the scenes was simply amazing. 

The professionalism, the inclusivity, the talent these guys exude -- the mind boggles.

Fast forward to this past spring.

I got a call from the manager asking me to fill in for a show, which, of course, I accepted.

The same thing happened the following week, and the following, and the following.

Fast forward to right this very second - I'm sitting on a tour bus with 14 other people on the first night of our 3 night leg.

My weekends this fall are full-up, and the spring is filling up quick. 

Through no fault of my own, I've managed to stumble into a concert photography gig that pays my bills.

I don't completely understand how it happened - some combination of luck, knowing the right people, and maybe a little talent.

Still, whenever I think about what I'm doing for a living, there are no words.

Just, wait... what?