The One With You

My name is Rob, and I don't always use the best tool for the job.

More often than not, when I'm travelling for work I like to camp. Camping is cheap, and sitting around a campfire is one of my most favorite things.

Wednesday night I stayed at a place called Sherling Lake.  The campground was chosen out of necessity. It was the closest spot, nearly an hour south, to Montgomery that I could find. And, Montgomery was where I needed to be Thursday morning.

Much to my delight, the place was gorgeous. The primitive sites where I was camped out were largely out of view of the RV parking, and just up the hill from the lake.

Sherling Lake

After having been on the road all day, the last thing on my mind was hiking down to the lake. But, I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't at least walk down there to see what could be seen.

When I got down there, I knew there was a picture to be taken. I wandered around a bit before I found the angle I wanted.

I proceed to trudge my way back up the hill to grab a camera. I decided when I got back to camp that I wasn't gonna lug my big heavy DSLR and tripod down and back up that hill again.

It was a steep hill! Don't judge!

I walked back down with my cell phone and took the above image.

That brings me to my point. The best camera is the one you have with you.

Even if it's a cell phone. Even if you have a full-frame DSLR a few hundred yards away. 

As long as it's functional, and you have a vision, you can wind up with something worth sharing.