My name is Rob, and sometimes I produce novelty. I've had this idea sloshing around in my head for a little while now. I've seen it done before, but not to the extent which I'd planned.

The idea was to create a spherical panorama with a few of the same people doing many different things.

I'd done a test run a few weeks ago with an especially pretty volunteer to see where people could be in the frame without turning to ghosts once the thing got stitched together. I needed to figure out the smallest number of shots for it to work to give me the largest frame in a single picture.

It turns out that number is 8, and the frame is still quite small. Not ending up with any ghosts presents a real challenge.

But, no matter, this project was gonna be fun even if it turned out like garbage.

The setting was to be after a dinner party for one of my best friend's birthdays.

It took a little bit of wrangling, but everyone that attended ended up in the pano in one spot or another.

I'm not gonna lie, and say the whole thing turned out great, but the person I did it for was quite pleased. Plus, I've got more ideas for what works and what doesn't for this sorta thing.

So, all in all, I call it a success. Look for more in the future!

Click here to see the end product, unless you're on a cell phone 'cause that shit won't work.