Ghost In My Rearview

My name is Rob, and I'll do work for a good cause. When I shot the Brother Cane show back in August, I met this guy named Flip. He was playing bass for the band. He seemed really  happy to be playing that gig. I didn't know if it was nerves, or excitement, or if that's just how he is, but he was bouncing off the walls back stage in preparation for the show ahead of him.

He and the rest of the band put on a hell of a show. After the concert, he was still just as giddy as before. In talking to him, I found out he's in another band here in Huntsville called Rearview Ghost.

After checking them when I got home, I decided I definitely needed to see them play the next time I had the opportunity.

As it would turn out, I got just that opportunity a few weeks later when they had a charity gig at Fubar to benefit CAJA. They were playing with two other bands for the event - Whiskey Dix and Within Reason.

When I spoke to Flip about it, he was all for having me photograph another concert he was playing in. But, since it was a charity gig, he didn't have any passes he could give away.

No matter. I wanted to see them live, and I can get behind supporting the cause they were raising money for. Plus, with a DSLR strapped around my shoulder, I was bound to get a decent vantage point at the front of the stage.

Apparently I have the air of a professional. Or something. Through out the night, people were apologizing for being in the way, and scurrying this way and that whenever I'd hold the camera up to my face.

Talk about making my job easy. I think I came away with some pretty stellar shots.

Go have a look-see.